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10th March 2021

Scheduled Power Infrastructure Maintenance, scheduled 3 years ago

XMission is scheduling maintenance work for Friday, March 12th starting at 8 p.m. MST to troubleshoot and repair the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) which briefly malfunctioned and caused a short, partial outage in our data center the night of January 22nd.

Although we immediately contacted our vendor after the outage, we needed to wait for the repair parts to arrive. On Friday night our electricians will consolidate all power over to our redundant bus to completely de-energize the ATS so the generator specialists can safely and thoroughly test all key components then replace or repair whatever they find amiss. To clarify, we will temporarily move all power to a single source, secured through our operational ATS and UPS system. Once the ATS in question has been repaired the vendor will test it to confirm everything is working properly before we move load back to the power bus and wrap up maintenance. XMission will have the appropriate staff standing by in the event of power-loss, however no downtime is expected.

Anyone interested in learning more about our redundant data center infrastructure can refer to our data sheet online at: https://asset.xmission.com/xmweb2/pdf/Server-Colo-Datasheet.pdf