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Scheduled Maintenance
UTOPIA Maintenance in Orem 2/10

DESCRIPTION: OR029 maintenance/power upgrade



SCOPE OF IMPACT: All customers will experience a brief outage while power upgrade is performed.

Scheduled Maintenance on XMission's Border Router

On Sunday, February 12th starting at 12:01 a.m., and completing by 6:00 a.m., XMission will be performing a firmware upgrade on one of our border routers, br1. This firmware upgrade is recommended by our router manufacturer to repair a memory leak vulnerability.

To ensure our customer's Internet service is minimally impacted, prior to the start of the maintenance we will gracefully move some of our transit connections from br1 to our other border router br2. UTOPIA customers might see higher latency during this time as we move customer traffic off the border router. Our Yellowstone Fiber customers might be unable to access the XMission customer control panel for 2-3 minutes, but otherwise will not be impacted by this maintenance.


18th June 2021

UTOPIA Maintenance in Orem June 18, scheduled 1 year ago

Due to a forced Rocky Mtn. Power pole relocation. UTOPIA will be relocating fiber at 1103 S Carterville Rd. Orem UT.

SCOPE OF IMPACT: (9 residential customers)

Customer affected can expect to be down for 2 – 3 hours during this maintenance.

15th June 2021

UTOPIA Emergency Maintenance

Issues with a core switch has resulted in partial outages in the Clearfield, Layton, and West Point cities. Field technicians are onsite and investigating at the moment.

RESOLVED: Services have been restored. Please restart your router if you are still experiencing issues.

14th June 2021

Orem Utopia Emergency Maintenance in Orem

Orem there are two slots down on an Access Distribution Switch. 46 customers impacted (total not just XMission) tech en route. We suspect 20-30min ETA at this time.

RESOLVED: Service is restored. The cabinet lost power and the switches overheated from the lack of AC.

13th June 2021

No incidents reported

12th June 2021

No incidents reported

11th June 2021

No incidents reported

10th June 2021

No incidents reported

9th June 2021

No incidents reported